TransparencyThe principles of our organization

Your support through donations is our main source of funding, and allows us to create change in Guinea. Because of this, we would like to present you with transparency and openness on all of our projects. You should have the right to have an exact image of what our organization does. That way, you can make an informed decision about whether you would like to support our cause.

Our approval

Our organization received official approval in Guinea through a „Récépissé.“ This permit gets updated annually and now allows us to help people locally. In the document you will find all our goals.

Our goals

Aid organization: Development of localities

1. The building of basic social and communal infrastructuresInfirmaries, culture centres, markets, lavatories

Aid organization: Access to drinking water

2. Facilitating access to clean drinking waterConstruction and expansion of wells and cisterns

Aid organization: The building of roads

3. Fighting environmental damageReforestation and sewage disposal

Aid organization: Reforestation

4. Contributing to the development of localitiesThe building and expanding of roads

Juciel is a serious and reliable donation organization founded with the aim of helping people in structurally weak areas through development cooperation. We know that the catastrophic life circumstances in Guinea can’t stay as they are currently, and need to be changed. That is the reason we are deploying our German and Guinea members – to construct fundamental infrastructure in the rural areas of the country. A great portion of our own members come from the very areas where we are working, or have family that live there. In our organization’s guidelines, you will find a detailed compilation of our goals.

How we use donated money

Do your donations really arrive at the designated destination? This is a legitimate question and the reason why we founded Juciel. With our own independent organization, we can guarantee that your help along with ours benefits the people of Guinea. We plan and support exclusively meaningful projects that fit with the cultural habits in the rural areas, as well as the local inhabitants. Through that, our members can coordinate and implement solutions either alone, or in close cooperation with another non-profit non-government organization (NGO).

Our organization’s guidelines

A big ‘‘No’’ to corruption

Even though it can get difficult, we are always directly opposed towards supporting corruption. Instead, we act honorably to sustainably develop Guinea, and turn our backs against bribery.

100% of donations go directly into our projects

Donations go directly into our projects. Juciel does not own an administrative organization, and has no employees. In addition, we finance our advertising efforts and travel costs through our own money.

Gratuitous work

We don’t want to earn any money with Juciel, but we do strive to help other people. This is the reason why all members of Juciel work on a volunteer basis. We don’t pay our members for their work, nor do we stash the collected money in our own pockets.

Economic investments

Members that work for Juciel have have many years of professional experience in development organizations. Through the background of our “Know-hows,” we continuously and efficiently insert our funds into sustainable projects that make change.

Why our donation organization makes its work transparent

That you as a contributor don’t only have a peek at our intentions, but that you can also concretely follow what we’re currently doing. This is why we would like to keep our work transparent at all times, and openly present how we implement our developmental help, and what we accomplish by doing so. Documentation of our current work and where our money is going can be found in our blog. You will be able to find updates about our organization as well as info and progress on the status of our projects.

Please support Juciel with your donations!

Juciel will undertake many humanitarian problems in Guinea. To successfully implement developmental projects in Guinea, we have turned to your financial support. With a donation, you’re playing an important role in allowing us to continue our work.

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