Our well project in Africa“Water for Massarankissidou”

Imagine that every day before work, you must walk over a kilometer just to shower. There is no running water at your house, but only down by the river. Throughout this long walk you have to carry a heavy canister, that is half empty by the time you return from this exertion. You also need this liquid for drinking, cooking, and cleaning in your simple hut. This scenario sounds like life hundreds of years ago, but is the daily reality for the village of Massarankissidou and many other settlements in the country of Guinea.

“Water for Massarkissidou” is the initial project of Juciel. In the frame of developmental support, we’re helping the village inhabitants to improve their difficult surrounding environment. The goal of the well project in Africa is to build a functional drinking water supply. Since 2018 we have been actively involved in the building of a well in Massarankissidou.

Helping Massarankissidou

We visited Massarakissidou in January 2019 and were shocked by the water situation. The only way the inhabitants can access water is via a river about one kilometer away. This particular river does not have a substantial, refreshing current, but is rather a small ankle-deep stream. It took multiple minutes to fill just one water canister. Fetching water is the responsibility of the children in the village. Often, they’re sent to the stream by their mothers multiple times a day, as soon as the rationed water in the household runs out. Keep in mind: The way to the stream in the tropical climate is exhausting even for an adult.

“We follow the children to the river”

So that you can experience how the water supply in Massarankissidou works, we have filmed the way from the village to the river. Along with that, we measured the way there with a GPS sensor to determine the length. Go to the river along with the children in the video:

Why we’re supporting the people of Massarankissidou

During the time we were in Massarankissidou, we got to closely experience the water situation, as well as appreciate the friendly and open armed people of the village. Many of our own members have family and friends in Massarankissidou, or grew up there themselves. Therefore, the “Water for Massarankissidou” project is very important to us. The whole village stands behind the idea of the well, and is eternally thankful for our engagement as well as every donation.

With the building of a well we don’t just want to improve the life conditions in Massarankissidou, we hope to give a signal, that even in a “developing country” like Guinea, where many people have given up all hope for a better life, a lot can be changed. This is why we aren’t stopping after the completion of the well project: Right now in Massarankissidou there are still more humanitarian problems that need to be addressed. Among those includes the funding of a teacher for the school where classes haven’t been held in over a year, as well as medical supplies with remedies against malaria – over ten children die from malaria in Massarankissidou every year.

Support Massarankissidou with your donations!

To implement the well and additional activities, we have turned towards financial support in the form of donations. With your donation you’re playing an important role in the completion of our projects, by allowing us to successfully continue our work. Please use our bank account for donors from Germany and international.


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